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Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School

Gertz Athletics Eligibility


Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School

Winter Sports Eligibility



Students are eligible to participate in Winter Sports if they meet the requirements outlined below.  


Winter Sports Student Athletic Eligibility:

  • All students must submit an official “Physical Clearance” form that allows them to participate in any form of physical team activity, including tryouts and practice.

Winter Sports Academic Eligibility:

  • Based on the 10 week grades, a student must hold at least a 2.35 unweighted/simple GPA to become eligible for the next 10 weeks of sports practices and games. The next grade check to determine
    • Any student who had a 2.0-2.34 unweighted GPA at the 10 week mark, has until Monday, 11/14 to get their GPA up to 2.35 to be eligible to participate in the remainder of the fall semester, at the coach’s discretion. If the coach does not want to allow them to join (since they have not been part of team practices and because games start 11/18), the coach can choose to not accept them, even if they are academically eligible at that point.    
  • Each athlete on the team will need to attend tutoring for each class in which they are earning below a 2.35 class grade, even if that means missing practice for that day.


Winter Sports Behavioral Eligibility:

  • An unexcused tardy on a game day = no play.
  • Absence on a game day = no play.
  • Based on a weekly Friday check (Based on Demerit report shared by Admin. and checked by the coach), if a student has reached 20 demerits, they have a 1 week warning to get to 19 or below (by earning merits, doing community service, and to allow for processing of merits already earned). If on the following Friday, that student still has 20+ demerits (and we can verify that there aren't still any unprocessed merits for them in the office), they will be removed from the team for the rest of the season.