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Ethics and Academic Honesty

Gertz-Ressler Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity is an essential value upon which our school is built. Students are expected to strive to preserve this value even when his or her actions and decisions may be unpopular with his or her classmates. Cheating and other forms academic dishonesty, such as misrepresentation and plagiarism, will not be tolerated at Gertz-Ressler. Student directly or indirectly involved (such as, but not limited to, knowing this is happening and keeping quiet) in any act of academic dishonesty may subject to the following consequence:

  • First time:
    • Student will receive an failing grade on the assignment without the opportunity to make it up
    • Student will have a parent conference with an administrator and will write a reflection on his/her actions
    • Student will be assigned to the Ethics Committee to restore justice
  • Second time:
    • Student will have a parent conference with an administrator before being able to come back to class.
    • Possible suspension
  • Third time:
    • Possible inter-Alliance School transfer or expulsion from Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School