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Holiday never have I ever- Student Government Event

Holiday never have I ever- Student Government Event
12/18/2020, 2:45 PM 1/1/2021, 3:45 PM

Dance committee will create 2 tik tok audio which will be posted onto the student government account. The audio s will consist of questions we have prepared : one for questions around christmas :
Never have I ever re-gifted a gift
Never have i ever believed in Santa Claus
Never have i ever bought a gift last minute
Never have i ever wished anyone “happy holidays” this year
Never have I ever peeked at presents in advance
Never have I ever knocked over a Christmas tree
Never have I ever pretended to like a gift.
Never have I ever received something i didn’t want
Never have I ever watched my sibling receive something i wanted
Never have I ever kissed someone under a mistletoe

and then another audio around 2020 in general :

2020 never have I ever
Never have I ever worn the same mask longer than i should
Never have I ever sat and watched Netflix all day
Never have I ever cut my hair this year
Never have I ever dyed my hair this year
Never have I ever over stocked on supplies
Never have I ever start a new hobby
Never have I ever taken multiple walks in a day
Never have I ever did a zoom movie night with my friends

The audios will be available to students from December 18,2020- January 1,2021 during this they are able to use the sound and hashtag it with #gertzneverhaveIever1 for the christmas audio and #gertzneverhaveIever2 for the 2020 audio
The student that has the most likes on their video will be the winner and will receive 30 merits

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