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Financial Aid » Merit-Based Aid

Merit-Based Aid

     Merit Aid

There are many schools which offer merit aid, usually in the form of scholarships or grants which do not need to be repaid. Aid is based on the student’s grades in high school and/or test scores, as well as special talents. A student does not have to have all “A’s” on his/her transcript in order to receive merit aid. Many less-known but excellent educational institutions offer this type of aid in order to encourage successful students to attend. We can recommend colleges which do offer merit aid, so please encourage your student to meet with one of us to discuss this possibility.


Encourage your student to apply to a wide variety of schools that meet their needs.  If they are applying to schools which are more selective in admissions, urge them to include some less selective ones as well. Similarly, if students are interested in very expensive schools, encourage them to apply as long as they also apply to some less expensive ones. Although the cost of private schools may look too high, many private schools have more resources than public ones.


If you have further questions, please visit Ms.Romero  in the College Center or contact Ms. Romero at