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Administration » Salvador Sevilla, Assistant Principal

Salvador Sevilla, Assistant Principal

Education is a shared commitment that allows future students to become successful members of society. The educational system has for years been viewed as a broken system that has no clear direction. Thus, many students have fallen through the cracks of educational systems. The mission for many academic establishments is, “college for certain,” yet it is not only accepted into a university that should be the goal for each student. It should be graduation from those universities that should be the ultimate goal. This ultimate goal is fostered by developing a school culture that seeks for students to envision beyond college. This could only be accomplished by having administrators that empower not only their students but their staffs. Empowering a staff is by far one of the most valuable assists we can offer our students.


My whole life has been surrounded by individuals that have supported my progress in life. I have worked hard to stay in the communities of Southern California and low-income schools. My goal in life is to continue to support these communities with strong leadership skills. You can face many challenges in your life, but you will only be defined by what you accomplish with those challenges.


I attended John C. Fremont HS, then attended Cal State University of Dominguez Hills, where I study and received my BA in Liberal Studies with an option in Mathematics. Shortly after graduating, I attended and graduated from the University of Phoenix where I received a Master’s Degree in Education and a Masters of Art in Education Administration and Supervision.   


I am a proud father of four beautiful children and am working to help them become strong members of their current community. I started my educational career in 2001 to 2006, where I was a full-time teacher assistant for Hooper Elementary (LAUSD). I first had my first teaching job in 2006 to 2008 where I tough for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Since 2008 I have been between three different charter schools, where I continued to serve low-performing schools.