Last Day of School! May 13, 2019! ultimo dia de clases! 13 de mayo del 2019!

Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School


We believe that student attire affects the learning environment of the school campus. All students are expected to arrive to school ready to learn, wearing a clean, ironed, neat, in good repair and appropriate for their placement uniform. It is expected that a high level of personal hygiene will be maintained at all times. Gertz-Ressler relies upon the good judgment and taste of both students and families with respect to grooming and appearance.
The following uniform requirements apply to all students of Gertz-Ressler High School.
  • Uniform items, including pants, must be no smaller/larger than one size of the students’ regular clothing size.
  • Head/hair accessories such as hats, bandanas, and beanies are not to be worn. Gertz-Ressler beanies may be worn outside the school buildings.
  • No attire may be worn that may be a distraction. Distracting attire includes but is not limited to: accessories such as extra clothing pieces, and excessive and/or large pieces of jewelry, body piercing except for earrings (no mouth, tongue, lip, eyebrow, neck, wrist, cheek or nose piercing allowed.
  • No visible tattoos are allowed. Clothing must cover tattoos at all times, even during free dress days.
  • No visible hickeys or other visible displays of personal affections.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Shirts: Collared Gertz-Ressler Logo Shirts ONLY (except Friday club/school shirt day).
    • Colors:
      • Dark heather gray (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade) 12th grade will have the option of buying a black shirt if they choose to.
  • Shirts must fit appropriately - neither too tight nor too loose.
  • T-Shirts/undershirts must be plain white, black or gray. There will be no exceptions allowed.
  • Long-sleeved undershirts/t-shirts in black, brown, gray or white may also be worn beneath the uniform shirt.
  • Pants, Shorts or Skirts: Only uniform pants such as “Dickies” or “Dockers” are allowed. Pants must fit appropriately, neither too tight nor too loose. Skirt or shorts must be of appropriate length (no more than 3 inches above the knee).
    • Colors:
      • Brown (9th grade), Black (10th grade) Gray (11th grades), Khaki (12th grade)
  • Shoes: must be closed-toed. Crocs and other similar shoes are not allowed.
    • Colors:
      • Shoes with black, brown, gray or white colors only.
  • Jackets and sweaters: Solid colored zip-up, pullover, or button up in black, brown (army green/brown ok), gray or white. Gertz-Ressler logoed sweaters (including Gertz sports team and official Gertz club sweatshirts). All college logoed zippered and pullover sweatshirts and jackets are allowed. 
All students enrolled in physical education must have a tan colored GRHS T-shirt to wear for class. Shorts must be black and of appropriate length (no more than 3 inches above the knee) with no logos, letters and/or designs on them. A supervised facility for changing with separate areas for boys and girls will be available.
The following clothing items are expressly prohibited:
  • Sweatpants
  • Pullover hoodies
  • Jeans (in place of the uniform pants)
  • Tight jeans or skinny jeans
  • No cut-off shorts or pants. All pants and shorts must be hemmed.
  • Low rise and/or hip-hugger pants
  • Short shorts, skirts or any clothing that does not properly cover the body
  • Low cut or see-through blouses, bare midriffs, tube, halter tops, or spaghetti straps
  • Tank tops, net tops, mesh jerseys and muscle shirts
  • Bicycle shorts and boxer shorts worn alone
  • Lewd or profane clothing or clothing that exhibits prejudice or makes fun of racial, ethnic, gender, cultural, sexual orientation or religious groups
  • Clothing that advertises illegal or controlled substances, alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana
  • Any clothing that may be construed as having gang-affiliation, including but not limited to plain white t-shirts, colored shoelaces, initialed belt buckles, “sagging”/oversized clothing, or belts.
  • Metal accessories, including, but not limited to, utility chains and studded collars, that may cause harm to others
  • Sports jerseys or other clothing with sports logos
  • Hats, and beanies
Parents will be contacted immediately if the student is not adhering to the uniform policy. Students will be issued a temporary uniform shirt. Parents are responsible for covering the cost of any new shirt provided to a student without uniform. Students observed wearing prohibited clothing to school will be required to turn it in to school personnel. Items will be returned to the owner’s parent or guardian. If items not claimed within a month, they will be donated to a nonprofit organization. The staff of Gertz-Ressler High School will conduct daily uniform checks. Please contact our school, in case you have questions regarding the uniform.
Students of all grade-levels may wear Gertz-Ressler Club and/or class t-shirts instead of their designated uniform shirt on Fridays only. All students must follow all other uniform policies on Fridays. The shirt is the only exception.
All Gertz-Ressler students are expected to bring all school materials and textbooks for their daily classes in a school backpack. Backpacks should be in good condition and without any graffiti or “graffiti like” writing, tagging, nicknames, gang related symbols, or obscenities on it. Students who choose to write on their backpacks will be asked to erase it or to get a new backpack.