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Do Now- Oct. 17th and 18th (English 12)

  • Complete on a half-sheet of paper:
1. What is your current lexile level? What is the goal that was set for you?
2. Is your current lexile level higher or lower than your level from the end of your junior year? Be specific. 
3. What do you think you will need to do to increase your lexile level? Be specific. 
4. What is a Say, Mean, Matter response? 
5. What is a CEL response?
6. What did you learn about the governmental shift in Bhutan? Be specific. 
7. In a constructed response, what categories are assessed on the rubric (what are you graded on)?
  • Answers to last week's riddle: sweettooth, bookkeeper, bookkeeping
  • Read the board for updated information. 

Activity1and2 (English 12)

1. Review the following powerpoint. Add "Activity 1-Reflective Questions" to your cover page/ table of contents.
2. Complete Activity 1. You do not need to write down the question. Write in complete and thoughtful answers. Skip a line between each question.
3. You will then complete Activity 2-Translating Outcomes with the person that sits next to you. 

Do Now- September 29th/30th (ELA 12)

*Complete the Do Now in your composition book. Add to your cover page and next available page.
*Title: "Do Now- High School Literacy"
1. Review the data below regarding high school literacy in the United States. After reviewing the data, interpret what the data says about literacy in our country, which data points stick out to you and why, and what it means on a grander scale.
  • Over the last 15 years, 15 million students have graduated from high school reading at below the basic level.

  •  The percentage of high school seniors performing at or above the basic level in reading on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) decreased from 80% in 1995 to 73% in 2015.

  •  Over the same period, the percentage of high school seniors performing at or above the proficient level decreased from 40% to 35%.

  •  About 70% of high school students need some form of remediation; the most common problem is that students cannot comprehend the words they read—not that they cannot read them.

  •  Scores declined on each of NAEP’s three “reading contexts” between 1995 and 2015. There was a 2-point decline in reading for information, a 6-point decline in reading to perform a task, and a 12-point decline in reading for literary experience over this period.

  • Only 16% of Black high school seniors and 20% of Hispanic high school seniors scored at or above proficient on the 2015 NAEP reading test, compared to 43% of Caucasian students.


ACT ReadingEnglish Practice (English 12-ERWC)

Revolution Prep Login

Everyone is added to the Revolution Prep class for Advisory. 
For those who requested their revolution prep logins to be reset, they have been reset to "password."
For those who don't know their user id, email me! 

Do Now- September 22nd/23rd (ELA 12)

  • Take out: Organizer, Ted Talk handout, full-sheet of paper, half-sheet of paper.
  • Answer the questions below on your half-sheet of paper:
  1. What contributions from your peers during the socratic seminar stood out to you?
  2. What contributions do you wish you made during the socratic seminar?
  3. Were you pleased with how you did? Why or why not?
  4. Was the coaching session helpful? Why or why not?
  5. What will help you do even better the next time we have a socratic seminar?

Do Now- September 19th/20th (ELA 12)

  •  Take out assigned article, Open-Ended Questions/Statements, composition book, and Class Organizer.
  • Answer the following on your half-sheet:
    1. If you are absent, what are the expectations of what you need to do?
    2. What should you do if you borrow my stuff?
    3. Describe the steps of when you take notes in your composition book? (how do you organize your cover page and notes)
    4. When are my office hours?
    5. How can your class earn team points?
    6. What are the rules for iPad use? What position should your iPad be in when you are not using it or when you are done using it for assigned tasks?
  • Read board for announcements, write hw in agenda, try to solve the riddle.
  • Review the post titled "Socratic Seminar Scoring Guide" to be aware of how I will be assessing you for the seminar.