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Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School

2018-2019 School Budget » 2018-2019 School Budget

2018-2019 School Budget

To access the school’s budget, which was voted on and passed by the school board, comprised of community members, parents and teachers, please download the PDF.  As an independent, nonprofit, public charter school, 100% of state and federal education funds come directly to our school.  As a school within the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools network, we have a contract with Alliance to provide our school with operational, financial, technology and human resources functions so that our school leaders and educators can dedicated the majority of their time to the education of our scholars. The fee for the Alliance services is 10% of our budget. With 90% of funds remaining at the discretion of our local school board, our school is afforded greater flexibility and control of our resources, in comparison to traditional public schools where school-based budgets are set at the district level.