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Distance Learning Guidance for Scholars and Parents

Distance Learning Guidance for Scholars and Parents

As we prepare for our first full week of Distance Learning (April 13-17), we want to make sure you have detailed information about how our Gertz instructional program will work in an online format.

Action Steps to Ensure Scholar Success during Distance Learning


    • Check your Alliance Scholar Email and Google Classrooms DAILY
    • Sign up for Google Classrooms using the codes in the table below (if you haven’t already)
    • Set up a place in your home where you can work on your Chromebook
    • Take your attendance Google Form survey DAILY between 8:30-10am on school days
    • Check-in with your peers to make sure they have this information


    • Remind your child to check their Alliance Scholar Email and Google Classrooms DAILY
    • Ask your child at the beginning and end of each week what online work they need to complete
    • Make sure you are signed up to receive ParentSquare alerts 
    • Make sure you have access to PowerSchool (scholar grades)
    • Check-in with other parents you know to make sure they have this information

Our Values for Distance Learning

  • Consistency:  In these uncertain times, it is important for teachers and scholars to have a learning routine each day that is flexible and accessible.
  • Connection:  Our model prioritizes relationships and the ability for teachers to provide scholars with individualized feedback and support.
  • Compassion: This is a challenging, unprecedented time for teachers, school staff, scholars, and families.  We must operate with an open heart, knowing that everyone is doing their best under very difficult circumstances. 
  • Readiness: We need scholars to be prepared for college, AP exams, and/or their next academic year.  This means we must focus on re-teaching high priority academic content already covered during the school year and any new prioritized, unfinished learning that remains.

Gertz Distance Learning Courses

Most scholars will only continue in 4-5 of their current classes, plus Advisory, during our time in Distance Learning. This is out of respect for challenges we are all experiencing in working and learning from home and will allow scholars to focus on core coursework and AP (Advanced Placement) courses to prepare them for college. This will also allow some of our instructional staff to work in teams to support scholars.

Gertz Distance Learning Courses

  • Gertz electives courses, support courses, and Statistics will be “paused” during the distance learning period.

  • It is important to note that scholars will still receive final transcript grades and GPA credits for paused courses. 

  • The following courses will be paused during distance learning; however, scholars will have the opportunity to make up missing work or ressasses to improve their grade, at teacher discretion. No new assignments will be assigned for paused courses during distance learning, starting in April:
      • Art and AP Art
      • Digital Music 
      • Drama & Play Production 
      • ELD Labs
      • Math 1 Support 
      • Peer Mediation/TA periods 
      • P.E
      • Reading Support 
      • Resource (RSP) Labs
      • Statistics
      • Women Studies/Leadership

  • Paused coursework will not impact a scholars’ ability to graduate on time or transfer to college. It is very important that if a scholar is earning an NP in a paused course, that they reach out to their teacher. 

  • The following staff members of paused courses will be supporting our staff and scholars with the following:
    • Ms. Ng will work as a Co-Teacher supporting Mr. Shimizu with Pre-AP English
    • Mr. La will work as a Co-Teacher supporting Ms. Gandhi with English 10
    • Ms. Nunn will focus on providing RSP support in English
    • Ms. Sawada will be supporting with Integrated Math 1
    • Mr. Ramirez will focus on providing RSP support in Math
    • Mr. Loew will continue to support the Science Dept. and assist with Statistics grade improvements
    • Ms. Chavez will assist with Economics and provide support to English Learner Scholars
    • Mr. Losada will be focusing on supporting teachers in accommodating coursework and also support English Learner Scholars.
    • Ms. Hooper will create fitness and wellness lessons to be shared with all scholars and staff of Gertz and will support scholars who need to improve their grade in PE.

  • All scholars in AP courses will remain enrolled in AP as they will take their AP exams at home online.

  • All scholars currently enrolled in Accelerate credit recovery must continue to complete their online credit recovery. 

How much work will a scholar be asked to complete online during Distance Learning?

Here’s a sample of the type and quantity of work scholars will be expected to complete. 


Required by Student

Optional or Recommended to Student 

by Teacher or Co-Teacher

Type of Work

Teacher Directed “Mini Lesson” or online video 

Exams and quizzes, Projects, Reading, Weekly assignments

Office Hours/ 

Small Group Support

Self-paced, Independent Learning/Extension Lesson provided by teacher

Course 1

2x/week: <30-45 min each

2x/week: 30-100 min each

30 - 100  min /week

30-60 min/week

Course 2

2x/week: <30-45 min each

2x/week: 30-100 min each

30 - 100  min /week

30-60 min/week

Course 3

2x/week: <30-45 min each

2x/week: 30-100 min each

30 - 100  min /week

30-60 min/week

Course 4

2x/week: <30-45 min each

2x/week: 30-100 min each

30 - 100  min /week

30-60 min/week

Course 5

2x/week: <30-45 min each

2x/week: 30-100 min each

30 - 100  min /week

30-60 min/week

Advisory and PE/Health

WSM Video: 10-15 mins

15 min check-in once/week or every other week (Additional work only  as provided by Specialized Advisory projects and College Center)


30 min PE workout or health lesson from Mrs. Hooper


5-8 hours/week

10-17 hours/week

2.5 hours-~8 hours/week

2.5-5 hours/week


~1-1.5 hour/day

~2-3.5 hours/day

~0.5-1.5 hours/day

~0.5-1 hours/day

How will grading work? 

Scholars will be assigned AT LEAST one graded assignment every 2 weeks for each course they are actively taking during Distance Learning.  

Grades will continue to be entered into PowerSchool. Please call the front office 213.745-8141 if you do not have access. Our next Progress Report will be issued on April 27, 2020. 

Due dates for assignments for each class will be posted on Google Classroom sites. It is very important that scholars are on top of these assignments and submit them on time. Please see below for more grading policies that will be followed during distance learning. 

  1. Communication with teachers regarding late work 
    1. If scholars are unable to turn an assignment in on time and would like to request an extension, they should email the teacher directly before the due date, so that the teacher has time to respond. If they are unable to send an email, they can leave a message by calling the main office at 213.745-8141 and we will pass the message on to the teacher. 
    2. If scholars are unable to complete an assignment on time due to a tech or internet issue, they should include Mr. Cuevas in the email to their teacher, so he can reach out to solve the issue. 
  2. Late work policy 
    1. If scholars are unable to complete an assignment on time, they should still make every effort to complete it as soon as possible after the deadline. 
    2. Late work will be accepted during distance learning, and scholars will lose no more than 1 point for work turned in late. For example, if scholars turn in 4 quality work, they would earn a 3
    3. Scholars who receive extended time per their IEP will continue to receive this accommodation during distance learning. 

What supports will be provided to scholars during Distance Learning? 

Most of the lessons will be posted online with videos and directions from the teacher. They will explain what to do, provide some modeling and guidance, and then scholars will have independent assignments and assessments. As mentioned earlier, some classes will be supported by more than one staff member to ensure scholars get more feedback and attention. Because we want to be respectful of our scholars’ home realities, most classes will not be conducted live. If there are live sessions (Zoom or Google Hangouts), they will be also recorded and then posted online for those unable to attend. If you need additional support, all teachers will have live office hours to answer questions and provide tutoring via Zoom or Google Hangouts. 

Special Education: All Special Education services will continue during distance learning: 

  • We will continue to hold IEP meetings in a virtual setting. For all upcoming IEPs, we will reach out to parents and scholars to determine the best way to hold the meeting so that families and scholars are comfortable with the method and are able to fully participate. 
  • Counseling, language/speech, and deaf/hard of hearing services will be conducted virtually through phone calls, or an online meeting
  • All scholars in Special Education will continue to receive the accommodations outlined in their current IEP. However, Resource/RSP lab classes will not assign new assignments during this time. Instead, scholars will focus on completing assignments for their core courses with the support of the Special Education team. 
  • Our Special Education team will continue to support scholars in their general education classes through 1:1 check-ins, small group meetings, and weekly office hours. Our team will also meet weekly with general education teachers in math, ELA, and science to ensure that all assignments are accommodated for scholars in the manner listed in their IEPs. 
  • If there are any questions or concerns regarding your student’s IEP or accommodations during distance learning, please don’t hesitate to reach out by either emailing our Special Education Coordinator, Ms. El-Farra at or by calling (213) 222-3380.

Supports for English Learners: 

  • All ELD lab courses will be paused during distance learning so that scholars can focus on their core courses.
  • During distance learning, the main role of our ELD Specialist, Mr. Losada, is to support scholars and teachers to ensure that all English Learners are successful in their online courses. 
  • Mr. Losada will support scholars through 1:1 check-ins, small-group online instruction, and weekly office hours. Mr. Losada will also meet weekly with teachers to ensure that all assignments are accommodated to support our English Learners. Scholars who typically receive instruction and assignments in Spanish will continue to receive translated materials, Google classroom announcements, and communications. 
  • If scholars or families have any questions or concerns about the support for our English Learners during online instruction, please reach out to Mr. Losada by email at or phone (805) 293-7062.

As always, our Counseling Team is here to answer questions about credits, graduation, and transition to college. They provide socioemotional support as well. 

Counselor Caseloads

Mrs. Carver

(310) 901-5776

10th Grade (Last names A-N)

12th Grade (Last names A-L)

Ms. Hernandez

(213) 212-1889

10th Grade (Last names N-Z)

11th Grade (Last names A-M)

Ms. Leal

(213) 465-6956

9th Grade (Last names M-Z)

11th Grade (Last names N-Z)

Mr. Rubio

(213) 257-5141

9th Grade (Last names A-M)

12th Grade (Last names M-Z)

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Distance Learning 

  • What if we have technical issues?

Scholars can pick up a Chromebook at the school site during our Meal Distribution days. We are also providing wireless hotspots. If you still need a hotspot, please call (213) 340-4355. Email our amazing IT Kenny Cuevas or call our front office (213)745-8141 if you need tech assistance. If a scholar is having trouble completing an assignment online by the deadline due to a technology issue, they should email their teachers and cc If the issue is that the scholar has broken technology or internet issues, they should call the front office (213)745-8141 before the assignment deadline and leave a message. 

  • Will online classes and paused classes affect scholars’ college competitiveness? 

This global pandemic is affecting everyone from elementary schools to colleges to organizations. Colleges have messaged that they will be understanding about the situation that everyone is facing. Scholars will still receive final transcript grades and GPA credits for online courses and paused courses. 

  • Are office hours mandatory? 

For most scholars, office hours are NOT mandatory but will provide additional support. If a scholar is not passing a class, they may be able to raise their grade through opportunities provided during office hours. These office hours may be through Zoom or Google Hangouts, and teachers will also be available via Google Classroom and email. 

  • What if there is a conflict between classes or meetings in which a scholar needs to participate?

Scholars are allowed to take classes at their own time and pace as long as they are meeting assignment and assessment deadlines set by teachers. If there is a schedule conflict, a scholar can prioritize which class or office hours to take at the scheduled time. If a scholar has a conflict and can’t make it to an online meeting, they should communicate in advance to the teacher. 

  • How will courses be chosen for next year? 

AP Course Applications 2020-2021 will be shared by Ms. Kelly Flores in early April. Scholars will have until Friday, May 8, 2020 to fill out AP applications online. Later in April, scholars will be sent a Google Survey listing the different courses available for their respective grade level. 

  • Will there be summer school? 

At this time, we are planning to offer summer school for English 9/10, IM1/IM2, and Accelerate. We do not have the capacity to offer all courses during the summer so it is critical that scholars take advantage of all grade improvement and credit recovery opportunities during Distance Learning. 

  • What will happen to Senior activities for Class of 2020? 

At this time, no final decisions have been made regarding senior activities (prom, grad nite, graduation, etc.) We are currently weighing different options and are in communication with senior activity venues. We will make sure to communicate any updates to the senior class and their families immediately. Our goal is to do everything we can to make the end of senior year a fun and memorable experience and to celebrate our amazing class of 2020. 

Gertz Google Classroom Codes and Online Office Hours for Active Courses during Distance Learning

Teacher Name

Google Classroom Account Code

Course Name

Office Hours for Course

Mr. Alonzo/Ms. Sawada

Period 1: dnckjgy

Period 2: tqmlycu

Period 3: yxucbp5

Period 4: 6cesojj

Period 6: qkg7tts

IM 1

Sawada: Mon 10 - 11 am


Advisory: Mon 9-10am; Thurs 12-1pm

IM 1: Mon 10-11am; Thurs 1-2 pm

Ms. Barrios

Period 2: jvnsoji

AP Spanish Lit

Wednesday (All Classes)

- 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Period 3: tpyprt3

Period 5: dnxxcwy

Ap Spanish Lang

Ms. Castro

Period 1: hjfnajj

Period 3: wsq22p5

Period 5: f3mmmr4

Spanish Native

Tuesdays 12-1pm= Spanish 3N

Tuesdays 1-2pm= Spanish Lit. Honors

Fridays 12-1pm=Advisory

Fridays 1-2pm= Spanish 3NN

Period 2: hxcxmtq

Spanish Lit

Period 6: psqjrad

Spanish 3B

Advisory: jaqndga


Ms. Chavez


U.S History, World History, Econ Support 

Monday (History)

- 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Wednesday (Economics)

- 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Ms. Chu

Period 1: bmei64t

Period 3: opnk5ae

Period 4: ae5yltb

Period 5: 745zfms

Period 6: 3k2vl5n

The Living Earth

Thursday 11 AM - 12 PM

Ms. Dang

Period 1: 4ta3lhm

Period 3: zndzps3

Period 5: kg3weey

Period 6: vjgqb2k

Chemistry Website:


Friday 9-10AM

AP Chemistry & Chemistry

AP Chem Period 4: c4dveww

AP Chemistry Website:

AP Chemistry

Ms. Gandhi (and Mr. La)

Period 1: oga3x5j

Period 2: yvzntui

Period 4: 7e3paey

Period 5: mvx2eyw

Period 6: r57mabo

ELA 10

Wednesdays 11-12 (Gandhi) 

Tuesday (La - ELA 10)

- 2 PM - 3 PM

Wednesday (La - Advisory)

- 2 PM - 3 PM

Ms. Gonzalez

Per. 1: 223afsk

Per. 2: z5t762h

Per. 5: a6qsgz

Per. 6: zxmmg6f

Spanish Native 1

SPAN. 1 NS Tues. 10-11 AM

SPAN. 1 Tues. 11-12 AM

ALL CLASSES Friday 10-11 AM


Period 3: g75pryd

Spanish 1

Mr. Guerrero

Period 1: byzv5gc

Period 2: dbmz4tf

Period 3: 3gyaksn

Period 4: aloyra4

Period 6: qlsoa4x

IM 2

Thursday (IM 2)

- 9 AM - 10 AM

Ms. Gutierrez

Period 1: cldanla

Period 3:ov7dtib

Period 5: kw2bnop

World History

Thursday 9-10am - U.S History & World History 

Wednesday 9-10am - Advisory

Period 2:vgvfzyc

Period 4: kgpkylg

US History

Mr. Livingston

All Periods: cavfrgh

IM 3


- 12 PM - 1 PM


- 12 PM - 1 PM

Mr. Loew 


SpEd Science Support

Monday (Biology)

- 10 AM - 11 AM

Wednesday (Chemistry)

- 1 PM - 2 PM

Thursday (Physics)

- 2 PM - 3 PM

Mr. Losada 


EL Support 

Will be available each day from 8:00am-5:00pm through a Zoom. Students may pop in at any time.

Ms. Maldonado

Period 1: tg3owig

Period 2: wgeatjj

Period 5: j4pg6ly

Period 6: uo6axbe

Period 3: zwzhizg (Non-Native Class)

Period 7: d7ps6ke

Spanish 2

Everyday 8am -5pm students can text, email, or call. 

Online  9-10am everyday starting after Spring Break

Mr. Miller

Period 1: Idegliv

Period 3: ym72b7i

Period 5: 6thv4kr


Tuesdays 9am - 10am - All classes 

Period 2: arxammf

Period 4: 326swd6

AP Euro

Ms. Molla

Common Core English 12: n72jj35

ELA 12

Thursday (All Classes)

- 3 PM - 4 PM

APELIT: n4bfrlq

AP Eng Lit

Ms. Ng

Period 1: oyxu6sb

Period 5: ticgno4

AP Research

Wednesday (All Classes)

- 1 PM - 2 PM

Ms. Nunn 


SpEd ELA Support

Monday 2 PM - 3 PM

Tuesday 11 AM - 12 PM

Thursday 9 AM - 10 AM

Friday 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Mr. Ortiz

P1: ye2kjtt

P5: d6o5zzn

AP Lang

Wednesday (All Classes)

- 10 AM - 11 AM

Friday (All Classes)

- 10 AM - 11 AM

P2: 7hcw3k7

P4: hdr5fes

P6: qb36ewj

ELA 11

Mr. Ramirez 


SpEd Math Support 


- 1:45 PM to 3:15 PM


- 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

- 1:45 PM to 3:15 PM


- 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Mr. Roller

Period 2: iyu3dbk

Period 3: tdsley6

Period 6: 5q67fhb

AP Computer Principles

Monday (AP CSA)

- 1 PM - 2 PM

Tuesday (AP CSP)

- 1 PM - 2 PM

Thursday (AP CSA)

- 1 PM - 2 PM

Friday (All CS/Math Classes)

- 12 PM - 3 PM

Period 1: uini5vl

Period 4: na4jojb

AP Computer Science

Mr. Shimizu (and Ms. Ng)

Period 1: nue365m

Period 2: olsmi6e

Period 4: r6g7aqg

Period 5: 2fikgrl

Period 6: gvoxv6r

Pre-AP Eng 9

Mr. Shimizu: 

Tuesday (All Classes)

- 3 PM - 4 PM

Thursday (All Classes)

- 1 PM - 2 PM

Ms. Ng: 

Wednesday (All Classes)

- 1 PM - 2 PM

Ms. Wible

Period 3: nqjc4xv

AP Calculus AB

Monday (AP/AB)

- 10 AM - 12 PM

Tuesday (Precalculus)

- 10 AM - 12 PM

Thursday (AP/BC)

- 10 AM - 1 PM

Period 2: 4jp5ar5

AP Calculus BC

Period-4: g3jzkn7

Period-6: r7suiwk


Mr. Valentine

Period 1: wrmrlu4


Wednesdays - 9 AM - 10 AM (Physics)

Period 3: elntequ


Period 4: vb7tzap


Period 5: pmpxoac


Period 6: byxauex


Advisory: 2zrrka3


Mr. Vasquez

Period 3: jpwdpwr

Period 5: qdmdgbh


Monday (Economics)

- 11 AM - 12 PM

Wednesday (AP US Gov and AP Comp Gov)

- 11 AM - 12 PM

Period 1: 3sp6f4z

AP Comparative

Period 2: 3lsxurz

Period 4: feogsht

AP U.S. Government

Ms. Yang

AP Bio

Tuesdays 11am-12pm with Ms. Chu (AP Bio)

Period 4: 6kjtii7


Friday 9-10AM: Ms. Dang

Wednesday: Mr. Loew

- 1 PM - 2 PM