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ACT Special Bell Schedule

ACT Special Bell Schedule

Advisory: 7:45am-8:25am

Period 1: 8:30am-9:28am 58min
Period 2: 9:32am-10:30am 58min

Brunch: 10:30am-10:50am 20min

Period 3: 10:55am-11:53am 58min
Period 4: 11:57pm-12:55pm

Lunch: 12:55pm-1:25pm
​-All testing will be done, 11th/12th will attend Period 5/6.

Period 5: 1:30pm-2:28pm 58min
Period 6: 2:32pm-3:30pm 58min

Gertz- Succeeds: Tuesday Tutoring 3:45pm-4:45pm

ACT Tuesday September 27, 2017

All Alliance Juniors and Seniors will take the ACT on this District Level Test Day.

Want to learn more about what the ACT is? Visit their website:

Students, please make sure you take your ACT prep serious, try your very best and get a good nights rest before the big TEST!


Our school was chosen by the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE) as a 2014 Honor Roll recipient!

Nuestra escuela fue elegida por la Campaña a la Excelencia Empresarial y Educación (CBEE) como miembro del Cuadro de Honor del 2014!

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